IN PLACE Place Leaders Asia Pacific Digital Magazine – Issue 4 Winter

Place Leaders Asia Pacific is officially announcing an open call for papers for Issue 4 Winter of IN PLACE, Place Leaders Asia Pacific Digital Magazine. ‘Imagination, Experience and Brand in Place’

IN PLACE magazine is an industry publication that aims to support professionals across Asia Pacific. We aim to publish articles online four times a year with the intention of making future publications more interactive and engaging.

To fulfill our goal, we want to hear from you and are always seeking insightful case studies or opinion pieces. IN PLACE will work with practitioners on research proposals – that explore the themes below – and is also open to interviews with influential or innovative Place Leaders and Thinkers who aim to tackle these concepts.

But, importantly, what do you want to read? We are keen to hear from you, fellow place practitioners, to help us understand future opportunities on which to collaborate.

Who would be interested?

We welcome submissions from place makers, shapers, activators and managers, planners, urban and landscape designers, architects, property developers, financiers, branding and marketing consultants, local government authorities and boards, institutions and foundations, community groups, policy advisors, researchers, academics, creatives, cultural and social advocators, businesses and individuals whose edge sectors and disciplines all drive the holistic evolution of successful vibrant public places.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions and questions should be directed via email to:

Vanessa Pilla, IN PLACE, Chief Editor –

Invitation to submit article:

Issue 4: Winter 2017 – Imagination, Experience and Brand in Place

Copy deadline 17th July

Issue 5: Spring 2017 – Resilience in Place

One year on from the New Urban Agenda, how have we applied Resilience into our work practice?

Copy deadline 29th September

Issue 6: Summer 2017 – TBC

Copy deadline 24th November

Stage 1

We encourage initial submission for articles to be submitted to via completing below details:

  1. Your Name
  2. Company/ Affiliation
  3. A proposed title
  4. Your contact details
  5. A short summary (2-4 sentences) of your proposed submission.Summary Submissions should be received for consideration by Friday 30th June 2017. You will be receive feedback as soon as possible with specific guidelines and technical requirements.

Summary Submissions should be received for consideration by Friday 30th June 2017.

You will receive feedback as soon as possible with specific guidelines and technical requirements.

Stage 2

  • All articles or alternative submissions must be original pieces by the author and have not being published in any form in any other publication.
  • Our primary audiences are Place professionals in Australia and Asia Pacific. We also attract a readership in North America and Europe.
  • All article submissions are to be emailed as a Microsoft Word Document.
  • All article submissions should be written in English and be approximately 900 words in length with longer articles broken up into several sections with sub-headings.
  • Please use simple and direct language and avoid using acronyms that may be specific to your project or sector.
  • Alternative submissions such as photo-essays, vox pops, videos, etc. are also of interest.
  • Please reference all key points, research or quotes by stating the reference name in the text and the full reference details at the end of the article or alternatively hyperlinking the reference into the text.
  • Authors of the accepted submissions will be expected to work closely with the Editorial Advisory Team to revise their pieces prior to publication.
  • Include a brief biography of four to six lines for each author.
  • Include at least one image (landscape format) with each article
  • Images should be high quality or preferably taken by a professional
  • Minimum image width of 1980 pixels at a minimum of 72 dpi.
  • Include with each image: title of image, location, year and photographer or image credits

The extended deadline for Final Submissions is 17 July at 17:00 GMT.