IN PLACE Place Leaders Asia Pacific Digital Magazine – November Issue

Place Leaders Asia Pacific is officially announcing an open call for papers for Issue 2 of IN PLACE, Place Leaders Asia Pacific Digital Magazine, to be released in November 2016 and published quarterly.

Issue 2 of IN PLACE seeks to address:

Who are we are building our places for and how are we measuring success?

Invitation to submit article:

We are living in a world of rapid change as we enter a period described by some as the fourth industrial revolution that will fundamentally change the way we live, work and relate to each other [1]. We have an ageing population and millennials whose use of digital technology, social media and the share economy is producing mega data that can be transformed into new knowledge. We hear words such as ‘agility’ ‘innovation’ and ‘collaboration’, but do we understand what this means when it comes to the creation of places? How do we understand the generational challenges?

This issue will aim to recognize the different needs of our community by identifying different user groups, current or future; how we communicate and engage with them, and; how we plan and design places to suit their needs.  More importantly, it’s an opportunity to explore the different ways we measure success. How are we measuring the needs, desires and wants of our communities? What tools do we have to collect data? How are we listening? How do we know we are creating livable places of quality, attractiveness and social inclusion?

We are looking for insightful case studies or opinion pieces on local or global trends and will work with practitioners on research proposals that explore this theme. We are also open to interviews with influential or innovative Place Leaders and Thinkers.

Who would be interested?

We welcome submissions from place makers, shapers, activators and managers, planners, urban and landscape designers, architects, property developers, financiers, branding and marketing consultants, local government authorities and boards, institutions and foundations, community groups, policy advisors, researchers, academics, creatives, cultural and social advocators, businesses and individuals whose edge sectors and disciplines all drive the holistic evolution of successful vibrant public places.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions and questions should be directed via email to:

IN PLACE, Chief Editor

Vanessa Pilla –

Stage 1

We encourage initial submission for articles to be submitted to the Chief Editor via completing below details:

  1. Your Name
  2. Company/ Affiliation
  3. A proposed title
  4. Your contact details
  5. A short summary (2-4 sentences) of your proposed submission.Summary Submissions should be received for consideration by Friday 23rd September 2016 at 17:00 GMT.You will receive feedback as soon as possible with specific guidelines and technical requirements.