Member Testimonials

The Future of Places Australasia and the Asia-Pacific Conference, held in Adelaide in March 2014, created new benchmarks for place-making. Congratulations to all who co-created the event and the participants who bought the event to life.

Place-making has been ‘homeless’ for many years, never quite belonging to this group, or that — not the colonised territory of one profession, but belonging in part to one, or another, yet always grounded in people and places.

We place-makers are no longer orphans. Place Leaders Asia Pacific has opened its doors wide to provide a ‘home’ and a wonderful network where ideas can flourish. Here, all place-makers, regardless of discipline or particular interest, are welcomed and able to engage in a mutually productive journey, where diversity and innovation are supported and we are all enriched as a result. I could not be more delighted with the opportunities Place Leaders brings, and I look forward to engaging vigorously in the years ahead.

Penelope Coombes

Managing Director, The People for Places and Spaces
Adjunct Professor, University of Canberra

I have a feeling that in years to come I will look back and appreciate the significance of these two days [Future of Places Adelaide, March 2014] organised by Place Leaders Asia Pacific. With animated leadership from new CEO Greg Mackie and inspirational influence from Chairperson Peter Smith Place Leaders has a new brand and a stronger mission…

Andrew Hammonds

Urban Planner, Placefocus

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