About Us

Place Leaders Asia-Pacific is a not-for-profit member organisation for the promotion of leadership among place shapers, makers, activators and managers working in Australasia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Our mission is to recognise leadership, foster global alliances and promote knowledge exchange for the creation and stewardship of successful public places throughout our region.

Place leaders create new – and transform existing – public spaces as vibrant and inclusive places. Successful places make us feel welcome. They are places where a sense of belonging inspires imagination and evokes a desire to stay – and to return again!

As an international network of dedicated organisations and individuals, our members develop successful place-making practices, policy and processes. We strive to achieve great public realm outcomes by taking more things into account from the very start.

We facilitate knowledge sharing and promote the expertise of our members through the creation of networking and learning opportunities.

Through evidence gathering and the fostering of research partnerships, and through award and recognition programs, we celebrate great place outcomes – and the people who make them happen.