Update skills in placemaking and urban design and save up to $1,000


Place Leaders Asia Pacific is proud to partner with Placefocus to provide our members with discounts on three placemaking courses.

Placefocus, a Brisbane based company and member of PLA, has delivered accredited placemaking training across the Asia Pacific since 2009. This dynamic organisation is led by Andrew Hammonds  – a Placemaker with more than 20 years’ public and private experience in planning and urban design.

Placefocus’ philosophy is simple: “People make places. Not consultants. We remind you how.”

They enable practical application of Placemaking and urban design by combining training with workshops and information.

Place Leaders is pleased to provide our members with the following discounts:

For our Premium Public & Private Members:

For our Prime Public & Private Members:

For our Individual Members:


To take up this offer please get in touch with Andrew at Placefocus http://www.placefocus.com/index.php