Bob Perry


Director, Scott Carver

Bob has over thirty years of directing architecture in Sydney, and is highly regarded for his innovative approach having won several inaugural industry awards for his work. Bob is a Director at architectural practice Scott Carver and has built a strong reputation with the team, clients and peers as a visionary for place-making.

His approach to problem solving has seen him welcomed into leading a broad array of both private and public sector projects. He has played an instrumental role in defining Sydney’s Darling Harbour, led a major portion of the building works for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, been a key advisor to the government on the Sydney Metro project, and is also joint Design Director for the ongoing works at the world heritage listed Sydney Opera House.

Bob’s involvement on large scale private developments facilitates an abiding interest in urban design and the forces that shape cities and neighbourhoods.

He lectures regularly to promote new perspectives on urban design and density such as his ‘agoradynamics’ and ‘ultra-local cycling’ series. Bob travels frequently to Japan where he ‘bushwalks’ in Tokyo as a laboratory for 21st century solutions to connected urban living.