Place Dynamics and Place Governance Workshop

Thursday, April 26 2018, 10am-4pm

Bryan Brown Theatre, 80 Rickard Road, Bankstown, NSW 2200

Place is a complex, dynamic, ever-changing system, requiring adaptive and cohesively managed responses that put people first.

This full-day event centres on understanding the systems, methods, processes and models behind the delivery of ‘Place Outcomes’.

Join us for this event to listen to industry leaders  share their experiences, research and approaches to creating integrated, wholistic place outcomes.


PROFESSOR DAVID ADAMSON, Knowledge Manager of Compass Housing will be presenting ‘An Introduction to the Deep Place Method’. Piloted in the UK, The Deep Place Method focuses on building micro economies and a coalition of support to alleviate poverty and intensify environmental sustainability in local areas.

JESSICA CHRISTIANSEN-FRANKS, Founder of ‘Neighbourlytics’ will be presenting the role that social data collection plays in identify the character, behaviours, stories and activities of local people through the lens of a new technology platform.

JOHN MANT, Town Planner, will be presenting on
‘A New Place Management Model for Local Government’.

DR DOMINIQUE HES, Director of Thrive Research Hub, Melbourne School of Design will be presenting on ‘Rating Place, be a part of the process’. An introduction to a developing ‘Place Rating tool’.



Following the half day presentations attendees will be able to choose between two 3-hr workshops, both offering practical lessons on how to create places of authenticity, character and resilience.


Deep Place Method Training, facilitated by Professor David Adamson.

Deep Place Method is an innovative approach to achieving equitable and sustainable places.

Learn how to:

  • Understand place and its influence
  • Understand the local economy
  • Develop a Deep Place approach
  • Apply the Deep Place Method
  • Build the Coalition for Change
  • Measure Change


The Role of Place Governance in Local Government, facilitated by John Mant.

What are the Place Governance models that can manage different places?

Listen to member organisations share their effects of change due to adapting councils’ place management models:

Tony Walker, Manager Place Management and Economic Development, Fairfield City Council

Bruce Mills, Manager of Place Services, City of Parramatta

Craig McLean, Acting Manager of Place and Services, City of Port Phillip and

Lucilla Marshall, Group Manager Community Place, Port Macquarie Hastings Council

Learn How to:

  • Restructure organisations to focus on place outcomes
  • Distinguish the differences between outputs and an outcomes model
  • Understand the visions and voice of the community
  • Budget for an outcomes model
  • Enhance the role of the place manager for localised outcomes
  • Appreciate the value of both generalist and specialist roles in managing place outcomes

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