Place Leaders Asia Pacific Digital Magazine Publication 2016

Place Leaders Asia Pacific is officially announcing an open call for papers for the inaugural issue of Place Leaders Asia Pacific Digital Magazine, to be released in August 2016 and published quarterly.

The Place Leaders Asia Pacific Digital Magazine is an online platform dedicated to sharing knowledge, experiences, projects, programs, ideas, policies, initiatives, research, foresights and insights that give voice to the diverse and inclusive community contributing to the Place Leadership conversation.

All Place Leaders Asia Pacific members will have access to the Place Leaders Magazine via an accompanying Place Leaders Asia Pacific Magazine App and through web publishing.


The theme for the inaugural issue of Place Leaders Asia Pacific Digital Magazine is:

“The Evolution and Identity of ‘Place’ as a Discipline, Practice and Theory”

Place Leadership has evolved into a dynamic and multi-disciplinary area of practice that incorporates a much bigger dialogue, supported by many contributing voices all working together to dissolve the need for silo driven operations.

The systemic and complex responses necessary now for the creation of successful places, over scale, time and activities, within the context of a rapidly urbanising world, require an even richer and more rigorous mandate for the promotion of inclusivity and diversity in Place Leadership practice.

‘Place’ could be seen as a conversation, a way of thinking or a way of doing. This inaugural issue of the Place Leaders Asia Pacific Magazine aims to bring to the forefront the contributions that multiple disciplines, sectors and individuals have made to crafting the deeper value and ever evolving identity of ‘Place’ from the past to the present and into the future.

Who would be interested?

We welcome submissions from place makers, shapers, activators and managers, planners, urban and landscape designers, architects, property developers, financiers, branding and marketing consultants, local government authorities and boards, institutions and foundations, community groups, policy advisors, researchers, academics, creatives, cultural and social advocators, businesses and individuals whose edge sectors and disciplines all drive the holistic evolution of successful vibrant public places.

Suggested ideas may be:

  • Case Studies – Outlining best practice for Place Identity, Governance or Design or that address the social, cultural, environmental and economic sustainability of place or outline innovative collaborations, partnerships, policy or initiatives.
  • Research Proposals that are ‘Place’ aligned.
  • Exploration of Global & Local Trends such as: Soft Power, Smart Cities, Digital Technologies, Virtual Environments and Physical Place etc.
  • Opinion Pieces on Local and Global Events or Initiatives.
  • Opinion Pieces on the Contribution of Specific Disciplines to ‘Place.’
  • Nominations for Interviews with Influential or Innovative Place Leaders and Thinkers.

Further to the call for articles we invite submissions for:

A Collective Contribution to the Growing Glossary of Place Terminology

What do we mean when we say Place Makers, Place Shapers, Place Curators, Place Branding, Place Identity etc.? Each sector, discipline, region appear to have variations on the terminologies used and definitions applied to express specific meaning to their role, position or activity.

This growing glossary of terms aims to highlight, celebrate and strengthen the variations of terminologies used within the Place Leadership practice in order to build a common language of understanding and vocabulary amongst all place aligned disciplines.


Submission Guidelines

All submissions and questions should be directed via email to:

Place Leaders Asia Pacific Chief Editor

Vanessa Pilla –

Stage 1

In order to better organise the magazine, we encourage initial submission for articles to be submitted to the Chief Editor via completing below details:

  1. Your Name
  2. Company/ Affiliation
  3. A proposed title
  4. Your contact details
  5. A short summary (2-4 sentences) of your proposed submission.

Summary Submissions should be received for consideration by 4th of July 2016 at 17:00 GMT.

You will receive feedback as soon as possible.

Stage 2

All article submissions are to be written at the level of a student audience at the average 16-year-old.

All article submissions are to be emailed as a Microsoft Word Document.

All article submissions should be written in English and be approximately 400-900 words in length with longer articles broken up into several sections with sub-headings.

Alternative submissions such as photo-essays, vox pops, videos, etc. are also of interest.

All articles or alternative submissions must be original pieces by the author and have not being published in any form in any other publication.

Please reference all key points, research or quotes by stating the reference name in the text and the full reference details at the end of the article.

Authors of the accepted submissions will be expected to work closely with the Editorial Advisory Team to revise their pieces prior to publication.

Include a brief biography of four to six lines for each author.

Include a minimum of 1 Hi Resolution Image, but please only send images for which you have the copyright licence of.

The deadline for Final Submissions is July 18, 2016 at 17:00 GMT.