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What is place?

Space + idea = place

‘Place’ can mean different things in different contexts. In a domestic context it often means an environment where people spend time and belong. When Place Leaders refers to ‘Place’ it is often combined with an action word – ‘place-making’ ‘place shaping’ ‘place planning’ ‘place management’ ‘place activation’ ‘place programming’ ‘place economics’ and ‘place governance’. These areas of endeavour, practice and expertise combine and collaborate at various stages to make public realm a memorable experience for people.

Any human-shaped environment comprises ‘space’. Engendering a sense of ‘place’ and of making great public places is an alchemy of elements – activity, material, structure, purpose and inspiration. Great places can stimulate emotional responses in people – they are successful expressions of creativity, civility and humanity. Place is a powerful expression of culture.

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